Dry Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about dry cleaning at Bell Walk Dry Cleaners Uckfield

Can I get paint off my clothes (jacket, trousers, dress) ?

We can very often remove paint from your garments

Can I get my sleeves taken up ?

We can arrange to have your sleeves taken up

Where can I get my rug cleaned ?

We can clean most rugs on our premises

Where can I get shirts washed and ironed ?

 We offer a shirt service and can return them either on a hanger or folded

Can I get coffee stains out of my clothes ?

We can get most coffee stains out of your clothes

Where can I get a new zip for my coat ?

We can arrange to get a replacement zip for you

How can I get ink out of a shirt ?

We can often remove ink stains from clothing

How do I store my wedding dress ?

We can clean and store your wedding dress in a special box, wrapped in acid free tissue paper

Where can I get my leather jacket (coat, trousers) cleaned ?

We can arrange for specialist cleaning of your leather garments

Will my raincoat still be waterproof after dry cleaning ?

Your coat can be re-proofed after cleaning

Where can I get curtains cleaned ?

Your curtains can be professionally cleaned on our premises

Can my curtains be put back up after cleaning ?

Our partners Smart Clean Furnishings can take your curtains down and put them back up for you

What is dry cleaning ?

Dry cleaning uses solvent instead of water because some fabrics do not react well with water, so the items do not actually get wet in the traditional sense

Will my duvet be washed or dry cleaned ?

Feather and fibre duvets are normally washed as this is the best way to get them thoroughly cleaned and any nasty things lurking inside to be removed

Can I get pensioner discount on my dry cleaning and laundry ?

Yes, we offer 20% discount to pensioners on items brought in on a Thursday